Alhaji Limuna Mohammed Muniru
Alhaji Limuna Mohammed Muniru

Alhaji Limuna Mohammed-Muniru, the Northern Regional Minister, has advised residents of the Region to adopt positive attitudes and lifestyles that would progress the Region in the New Year and not threaten lives and property.wpid-Alhaji-Mohammed-Muniru1.jpg

He said many people always confessed their sins and prayed for forgiveness before the commencement of a New Year and this must be followed through with continuous peace, tolerance and togetherness to save lives and property.

Alhaji Mohammed-Muniru gave the advice, on Wednesday, at a meeting with members of the Northern Regional Security Council during, which he inaugurated a Five-Member Committee to investigate the alleged illegal sale of state lands in the Tamale Metropolis.

He said some people issued death threats to one of the Northern Regional managers of a prominent organization in the Tamale Metropolis who had reported to the security agencies, and warned that the law would take its natural course against any citizen who flouted it.

He said the whole world was crying for peace and the Tamale Metropolis could not be an island, which promoted indiscipline.

?We need to behave the way we want others to behave towards us and we must know that acts of violence would never solve problems,? he said.

Mohammed-Muniru said the Tamale Metropolis had become an investment destination but threats to lives would scare away investors, which would also derail the development process of the Region.

The NDC Government, he said, was a caring one and would work to meet the aspirations of the people.

Alhaji Mohammed-Muniru also assured Ghanaians that 2015 was going to be a year of action, which could solve part of the hardships that the country witnessed in 2014.

?Let us work for Mother Ghana with open hearts because 2015 is a year of prosperity for all,? he said.

He stated that positive signs of prosperity were beginning to show and asked all, especially public sector workers, to eschew laziness and lateness to work so as to increase productivity.

He said he was going to remain time conscious and the practice of officials attending programmes late must stop stressing, ?I am not happy the way some of you come for programmes late, therefore, henceforth time would no more wait for any one, be it the media or who ever.

?Anytime I am invited to a programme, I will make sure I get there on time and if the people are not ready, I will either leave the programme or perform my functions regardless of the number of people present,? he said. ?The media are not left out of this and I know when we begin to put things right, Mother Ghana would develop to become a haven for us,? he said.



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