Most Ghanaian MP’s take in marijuana


black rasta

Reggae musician, Blakk Rasta says about 80 percent of Members of Parliament?smoke marijuana known in local parlance as ?wee?.

The marijuana advocate who is calling for its legalization in Ghana accuses?the MPs as being hypocritical for not supporting the campaign.

?There are about 80% of parliamentarians who smoke weed so why do?people think those who smoke marijuana go mad? he claimed on his show?Taxi Driver programme on Hitz FM.

Blakk Rasta wondered why government is dragging its feet on legalizing?a ?God given herb? which in his opinion?will bring?a lot of income to?revamp Ghana?s ailing economy.

?We can get a lot more products from marijuana than cocoa, marijuana doesn?t kill, we can use it for commercial purposes which Ghana can make a lot of money from? he stated.

Citing?Uruguay as one of the countries to legalize wee to butress his point, the??Serwa Akoto? singer said the economy of the South American country?has improved significantly since it took the step to liberalize the use of marijuana.

Blakk Rasta also debunked the assertion that legalizing marijuana use will increase the number of people with mental illness?in the country, wondering why the MPs and?some presidents who still use it are still sane if?indeed marijuana makes people mad.

?There are a lot of people in parliament who smoke but will want to remain unknown, people who smoke marijuana are presidents , so if your president is smoking marijuana how can you say someone will get mad??, he added.



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