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 Pardon C
Pardon C

Scouting across the globe to gather success stories has become a hobby. I have being a able to gain enough inspiration to mentor me into initiatives I am involved with today.
On this edition of the Journey So Far Series, I had a chat with the US based Nigerian musician, Pardon C, who is consequently passionate about his career and has being envisaged as one of the upcoming superstars the continent, Africa is yet to tap into. Come on this special journey with us and hope you will pick lessons to guide your musical and professional careers as well.

Prince: Was it your ambition to become a musician?
Pardon C: Yes music has been in my blood veins.
Prince: How did your journey begin?
Pardon C: I started singing when I was 10 years in the church choir, but my first professional recording was in 2003 when I got into the first year in university. The song was produced by Harida who have worked on hits like ?shokoribobo? for Kcee and Phresh when they were a duo. I later did ?onye elele anya na azu? featuring Singaholic and ?ukwu ruo ala? featuring Uzi in 2009.
I took almost 4 years break in music because I had to finish school. It was actually difficult combining music with school. I officially made a return to the music industry in January 2014 and it has being a remarkable expedition so far.
Prince: What are your personal aspirations?
Pardon C: Listening to old school highlife music. Most of my inspiration comes naturally; I may just be walking on the street, watching movies, doing whatever and it just pops up.
Prince: What are your life lessons so far?
Pardon C: I have learnt that in music, you must be patient, plan everything well and professionally. You must not be in a rush to always put out a song.
Pardon C: An artiste better have 4 songs out in a year with at least 2 as hits, than let out 10 songs and none becomes a hit.
Prince: What?s being your major challenge as a young musician?
Pardon C: I would say; getting to THE TOP. Even though I have a great network, but ??connection pass connection??. Lol
Prince: What does the future hold for you?
Pardon C: I will definitely be ON TO DOING IT VERY BIG, getting the deserved awards, get married and start a wonderful family with a flourishing career.
Prince: Tell us a bit about yourself that we?ve not discussed?
Pardon C: My real name is Obinna Okoro and I grew up in Owerri, Imo State in Nigeria. I am a graduate of Biotechnology and love to play video games a lot of times.
Prince: What?s the relationship being with your management?
Pardon C: My management and I have been doing really big, that?s the, T. C. O Music Family. Shout to my manager, Hakeem Tey, Oluwa Chain on SoundCity, Nigezie, Hip TV and MTV Base.
We just shot a video which we going to be putting out soon.
Prince: Last words to motivate a young person out there.
Pardon C: BE REAL. Do your best in every song; don?t give up; believe in yourself and wait for the best time. Push, push and push to make sure you get a good song first from production wise. Pray hard and leave the rest to Baba God.
Prince: How can your fans link up with you on Social Media?
Pardon C: On Instagram and Twitter, my official handle is @iampardonc and on Facebook, I am pardoncofficial

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