I have been thinking within myself why the parents of our President decided to name their son John Dramani Mahama. Did they have the foreboding that he would act like Haman in the book of Esther? Did the name Draco mean anything to them as they went about looking for a suitable name to give their son?


Sometimes, I debate within myself if the President is a God-fearing person or a harbinger of evil sent to torment the people of Ghana like the Pharaohs did to the children of Israel in the land of Egypt.
Before I answer this question, let me state here that Ghanaians have never had it so bad since the time the different entities came together to form what is known as Ghana. You will all agree with me that Ghana under late President whose death is still shrouded in secrecy was no better. But under Mahama, it is worse. We are groaning under a heavy yoke foisted on us by a callous and self-centred individual whose Government is bereft of any ideas as to how to move the country forward.

Let me also state that it was on account of the sluggish nature of the late President Mills that I named him ?Baba Go Slow?. But having lived under this clueless regime and observed the man steering our ship of state amidst turbulent waters for nearly two and Half Years after the unfortunate demise of the former President, I think I owe late President Mills a post- humous apology.
Readers should grant me permission to do the proper thing. They should join me now to rechristen President John Dramani Mahama ?Baba Go Slow II?.

In answering the question posed in the preamble, I had to dig into the archive to find reasons why Baba Go Slow ll was given the name, John Dramani Mahama. This was what I found. In the 7th Century, there lived a man called Draco. He was born in 650 BC and died in 600BC. He was the First Legislator of Athens in Ancient Greece. Under him came the First Written Constitution of Athens. He collected all the harsh laws in the world and put them into what came to be known as Draconian Code. The code embodied those from the Mosaic, Hammurabi and others. There was even the death penalty for a minor offence like stealing of cabbage. These laws were later repealed by one, Solon in the early 6th Century.

The way this President is going about with the handling of affairs of this country makes him no different from Draco. Is it any wonder that the President?s second name begins with the same first syllable as that of Draco ? Dra? It shows how wicked and insensitive our President is.
Let us now turn our attention to the Book of Esther in the Holy Bible. There lived a certain man called Mordecai whose uncle?s daughter, Esther got married to Ahasuerus, King of Persia. In the same country was a man called Haman who was promoted above all the princes of the land by the King. He became the second most important person in the land and wanted everybody in the land to bow down before him. That, Mordecai refused to do.

Vain pride made Haman decide to commit an act of abomination against Mordeocai and all the Jews in the country, but our God who sees through the deeds of men thwarted his plan. He was caught in his own evil snare. He was hanged.
Who says we don?t serve a Living and Loving God? We do!
Any wonder that the second and third syllables of the President?s surname correspond to that of Haman ? Mahama! So, you see, it is not for nothing that our President was named Dramani Mahama.

President John Mahama is wicked and his wickedness knows no bounds. There is no atom of human kindness in him. He is a combination of all the evil qualities in both Draco and Haman. Otherwise, why should the price of crude oil fall from $115.00 per drum to $80.00 and all that Mahama and his clueless Government could do was to further clamp a special tax of 17.5percent on the already impoverished Ghanaians. What offence have we committed to be further subjected to this cruel ?torture?? Even if a man is caught in the very act of being on top of somebody?s wife, I do not think the accused person would exact such severe punishment.
And to show how vindictive and callous this President is, the bill on the increase in the petroleum prices was debated upon and passed under a certificate of emergency and assented to by the President on the very day the budget was read.

President John Dramani Mahama and the Nefarious Destructive Cancer have done their worst. They have staged a constitutional coup against the country. They promised to give us the Brave New World, but ended up by taking us back to the State of Nature where life was short, nasty and brutish.
But like Queen Esther and Mordecai in the Bible, we have taken our petition to God who superintends over the affairs of men.
Who wins? Wait and see!

Daniel Danquah Damptey ([email protected]) 0243715297.

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