I want to take this little opportunity to express my dissatisfaction on the way and manner some members of our great Elephant Party the NPP who claim they love the Party more than any other Party member do and yet their actions towards the Party and some distinguished personalities in the Party there is absolutely nothing good to write home about it.


They preach peace but practice vice versa. I am tempted to believe their insinuations and disrespect to our Party leaders makes them look like sheep in wolf ?skin because if ?really they are true supporters of ?our great Party and they ?truly love the Party they wouldn?t do things that will tear the Party apart because of? their selfish gains and break the hearts of many Ghanaians who believe in the ? CAN DO SPIRIT? of ?the NPP ?who had done what Napoleon could not do in their eight (8) years in government as the only hope to deliver them and make Ghana work again because they have once had the feel of NPP?s good leadership full of good policies that were not ear marking but eye marking. Ghanaians will not forgive us if we fail to clinch power come 2016.

Undoubtedly, the NPP is one of the most respected and attractive Political Party in Ghana and Africa as a whole that is why most of the time when elections are conducted in other African countries they invite our family head former President John Agyekum Kuffour and other dignitaries of our Party to come and observe their elections to bring it to a successful end. We are blessed to have highly respected men and women who are filled with good visions. Also NPP is one of the most successful opposition Party in Africa with an impeccable track record of creating something out of nothing.

NPP assumed power in 2000 from the NDC who came out openly to tell Ghanaians they had finished virtually everything in our coffers and they are going to see how NPP can govern this country and that did not discourage the Party leadership but they dreamt yet another dream and took us to HIPIC which the NDC Members of Parliament did not support it but today they are happily enjoying its benefits from the fruits of our leaders labour.

It will be suicidal for a Party with a good and credible track record which 95% of Ghanaians who cannot afford a square meal under the current regime of the ?yentie obia? government are itching and yearning for to come to their rescue is experiencing this unscientific behaviour from its members who believe in the capabilities of NPP. These suffering masses are itching and yearning for a great change and are looking forward to seeing the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and its flag bearer Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo the man who is courageous, compassionate, honest, kind, trust worthy, approachable, incorruptible and ready to fight corruption at zero level come 2016 general elections and deliver them from the oppressors rule.

Ghanaians would want the NPP to strategize well in their quest to win power come 2016 general elections and not this hullabaloo of Nana Addo hates or likes these Members of Parliament and John Agyekum Kuffour did not support Nana Addo in 2008. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo on so many occasions have made it clear to the listening public that he had a cordial relationship with the former President John Agyekum Kuffour and that he had supported him in cash and with his strength ever since he became the Party?s flag bearer and what is all these noise by these enemies of progress.

These locusts in our Party who claim they love our great Elephant Party NPP more than their husbands in their quest to satisfy their selfish gains must wise up and change their unscientific behaviours towards the Party leaders and other Party members. Former President John Agyekum Kuffour became our Party Flag bearer won the general elections in 2000 for us played his part as a visionary leader for all Ghanaians to see and today NPP is boasting of what he and his ministers including his government appointees did for Mother Ghana in their eight (8) years in government which comparatively is far more better than PNDC-NDC twenty ? six (26) years in government.

Let us not create enemies for ourselves but must give peace a chance and to be more united as never before to fight and champion the great vision of our great Party in our quest to win power to bring back the joy, happiness and prosperity in the faces of the 95% of Ghanaians who cannot afford a square meal a day. There is an old adage which ?United we stand and divided we fall? and also ?two heads are better than one?.

There is also an Akan saying ?that goes like ?praaye wo ho yi se woyi baako a na ebu na se wokabomua enbu? and as such it is imperative for every Tom, Dick and Harry in our beloved and only Party NPP to come together as one unit, one big family with a common destiny. It?s unfair and pathetic for a Party supporter who claims she loves NPP to the extent of dying for the party will behave as if we are still having NPP Presidential primaries. When you asked them do you truly love NPP from the bottom of your hearts?

They will say yes of course and instead of loving the NPP Party they are loving personalities. They supported a particular candidate in the presidential primaries and NPP delegates decided on Nana Akufo Addo period. NDC have problems whenever they are going for their Presidential Primaries and after that they will forget about the former things and all hands will be on deck to adopt a killer punch to win power in the general elections why can?t we do same to wake the nation from deep slumber and sleep.

I quite remember after NPP?s Presidential primaries Nana Addo? made it clear if in one way or the other in the course of the primaries he had stepped on somebody?s toes he/she should forgive him or if someone? has also step on his toes he has forgiving the fellow and what again do we want from him.

There are speculations going round that some members of our Party have vowed over their dead bodies will Nana Addo become the ?president of Ghana and that is why you will hear from some members of NDC who can boldly look at your face and tell you Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo ?can never be president and you asked them why and they will have absolutely nothing bad to tell you he had done, but will tell you because of? these three prominent men and a woman who is a member of your Party?s electoral commission in Ashanti Region.

It is pathetic for those people who are revealing the Party?s elections strategies to our Political opponents and think if they succeed in 2016 too that will be the end of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo?s ambition to think about the Party members in the grass root. For Christ sake they should change for the better and must remember ?the rod that was used to hit Tachie it is the rod that will be used to hit Baah someday?. If they have ears then they should listen to what the spirit is saying to the Church period.

Their selfish interest will put NPP in opposition till thy kingdom come if they don?t pave way for Nana Addo to come and continue the good works NPP started in their tenure of office. The Scripture says there is time for everything and the delegates loved all who contested but the opportunity they had was to choose only one candidate and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo was the luckiest to have that God-sent opportunity to once again lead our great party to battle the NDC boot for boot come 2016.

Patience is necessary at this time and even the tongue and the teeth fight every time but they live in peace and harmony how much more we human beings who can distinguish between good and bad. Let us try as much as possible to tolerate one another, team up to adopt new strategies that will help our Party win power come 2016 and stop this unnecessary confusions we want to create between followers of Nana Akufo Addo the Flag bearer of our party and former President of the Republic of Ghana John Agyekum Kuffour . Peace is being able to love one another and if you love someone you will also do things that will make his/her chances brighter.

We gave the National Executives and Regional Executives our mandate to decide for us and if they propose something for the Party and we think it will not help us win power we have the right to come out with our grievances through the proper channel and not to go to Radio Stations to tarnish your Presidential Candidates image and ??that is why a pretender will be hiding behind the scene to make a tape recordings to condemn our Former President John Agyekum Kuffour making him look like someone who looks indifferent about the? welfare and progress of? our great Party NPP.

If you make false accusations about someone you have packaged for Ghanaians to buy for 2016 general elections by trying to make him look like Idi-Amin who says something and that is final then it means you have bad thought for the Party NPP in Particular and not Nana Addo.

If we want other people from other parties to respect them and will not wash them like dirty linen then we should change for the better by giving them the maximum respect after all if these two distinguished personalities happen be our family heads we would be proud by moving our chest high.

I want to emphasize on the fact that clinching power from the NDC is not a joke and when they are thinking of getting one million votes from our strong hold the only thing someone who calls herself a staunch member of NPP and she is ready to die a little for the Party?s contribution is moving around creating confusion in the party.

My passionate appeal to all members who have lost their temper all because of the way and manner these two ladies behaved must look up to heaven and find a place in their hearts to forgive and forget all that they have caused our great Party. Insah Allah great change for better tomorrow is coming come 2016.LONG LIVE NPP

BY: Michael Kessey (SPORTS ANALYST)?
[email protected]


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