Sierra Leone Experiences Internet Blackout Amid Nationwide Protests


The Internet connection in the West African country of Sierra Leone is almost completely shut down amid anti-government protests in the capital city of Freetown on Wednesday, Internet performance monitoring organization NetBlocks said.

Earlier in the day, Chinese Xinhua news agency reported that a nationwide protest began in Sierra Leone with participants calling on the government to address the country’s economic difficulties and high cost of living.

“NetBlocks metrics confirm a nationwide disruption to internet service on multiple providers across Sierra Leone from the morning of Wednesday 10 August 2022. The incident lasted two hours and came amid reports of protests and clashes between the police and protesters in capital city Freetown and other areas,” NetBlocks said in a statement.

According to the NetBlocks, as of Wednesday afternoon nationwide connectivity levels dropped to 5% of ordinary levels with the inability to circumvent Internet disruptions through the use of VPN services.

According to media reports, there were clashes between police and protesters in the capital city of Freetown with police using tear gas and the government calling on the military to work with the police to disperse the protests

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