LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Super Bowl is still dual days divided though some advertisers already are looking like winners as their yet-to-be-aired commercials measure millions of hits online and shelve adult pre-game buzz.

A teaser for Volkswagen’s ad has drawn some-more than 11 million viewers on YouTube. The debate facilities a container of dogs barking out a “Star Wars” song, repeating a thesis from a company’s well-received ad during final year’s Super Bowl. (http://link.reuters.com/nuq46s)

That turn of pre-game hits is “astonishing,” according to Tim Calkins, selling highbrow during Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

“That would be a flattering good viewership for a primetime network radio show,” Calkins said.

Several other Super Bowl ads, or during slightest brief teaser spots, have popped adult online to try to squeeze courtesy before a New England Patriots and New York Giants flog off on Sunday.

More advertisers are enlivening their agencies to upload their ads to websites like YouTube and Vimeo to beget as many hum as possible, generally as a cost of 30-second blurb spots have soared to normal during $3.5 million this year.

Ads removing notice embody a Honda Motor Co mark with Matthew Broderick personification off his iconic film purpose as Ferris Bueller. In a commercial, a actor calls in ill and spends a day cruising around city in a Honda CR-V. (http://link.reuters.com/muq46s)

Another blurb facilities comedian Jerry Seinfeld reuniting quickly with a Soup Nazi from his 1990s radio show, in a representation for Honda’s Acura model. (http://link.reuters.com/puq46s)

Each of those spots were noticed some-more than 10 million times any within days of being uploaded on YouTube.

Automakers’ spots are sketch a many pre-game seductiveness online, according to a CNBC/Collective Interactive Super Sunday Ad Tracker, that follows discussions on amicable media, blogs and other sources.

On Friday, Honda was heading in “total buzz” with some-more than 75,000 mentions, followed by Volkswagen with some-more than 55,000 mentions.

Soda builder Coca-Cola, that is bringing behind a Arctic frigid bears, ranked initial among non-car companies with some-more than 17,000 mentions. (http://link.reuters.com/quq46s)

For many advertisers, a pre-game courtesy will yield a large boost. But there is some risk to releasing ads in allege – if people have already listened about a ads and know a punchlines, they might use blurb breaks to squeeze a snack.

“If it’s one of a tip 3 or 4 (before a game), that’s going to assistance it,” pronounced Charles Taylor, selling highbrow during a Villanova School of Business.

For reduction renouned spots, “you already know what’s in a ad. There’s not any torment left,” he said.

According to executives from Comcast Corp’s NBC radio network, broadcaster of a Super Bowl game, a 30-second blurb container cost $3.5 million on normal this year, adult from $3 million for final year’s Super Bowl, that was on News Corp’s Fox station.

An approaching 100 million people will watch a game, among a shrinking series of TV programs that still pull large live audiences.

The Super Bowl, including lower-priced halftime slots, could simply beget over a entertain of a billion dollars in ad sales.

Anheuser-Busch, that typically buys exclusivity as a usually drink advertiser during new Super Bowls, is again a biggest spender, according to attention sources.

Coke and PepsiCo Inc will face off for soda precedence with campaigns that try to precedence amicable media after their commercials air.

“The Super Bowl has unequivocally left from being a one-day promotion eventuality to being a month-long extravaganza,” Calkins said. “Many advertisers will be happy with their Super Bowl appearance even before a diversion begins.”

(Reporting By Lisa Richwine in Los Angeles and Yinka Adegoke in New York; Editing by Gary Hill)



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