Handiwork Training

Ms Mabel Mantey, the Women’s Commissioner of the Pentecost University College, has organised a two day handiwork training to equip students with entrepreneurial skills and develop them for the market.

The training, which included make-up and wig cap instructions, saw several students participating and learning skills for themselves.

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According to Ms Mantey the exercise would empower students with the necessary skills in decision making, give them some forms of business ownership and communication skills.

She said when students acquired these skills, and kept practicing them at their leisure hours, it would aid in supporting them financially.

She noted that currently, make-up was a vital aspect of most women’s life and since people paid much to look good to attend events, this was the right step to be considered.

“If students are equipped with these skills, it will enable them to render services to people in order to raise funds and also apply what they had learnt to enhance their beauty,” she added.

She said the initiative was a step to addressing issues related to unemployment, adding that once students acquired the skills it would automatically assist them to start serving as individuals in the society without waiting for government to provide jobs.

Ms Mantey encouraged the students to seek out for opportunities everywhere, since societal problems were visible all around.

“Do not be looking out for the white colour jobs, there are lots of problems surrounding us, inside these problems are opportunities, and steps taken to solve these problems generates income to solve our financial difficulties.”

Ms Nariam Quansah, the General Secretary of the Students Representative Council, said at the end of the four-year programme, students only got degrees and attained no skills, therefore the project came up to empower the students, especially females to go out and practice the skills acquired to support themselves.

Ms Tryphena Aryeetey, a beneficiary in level 300, expressed appreciation and said “I chose to attend the programme because it will actually help me to save”.

She explained that going to the saloon for a wig cap would cost much, therefore learning the wig cap skills would bring many benefits and help her be independent.

Ms Victoria Ekwebelam, also a beneficiary, said women must know lot about things that enhanced their beauty, therefore taking the course was a great opportunity.

Sponsors of the programme ‘Black Secret Make up’ and Strandsnmirriors’ encouraged the students to keep practicing, adding that consistency matters a lot to get a work right.

They applauded the Women’s Commissioner for the laudable initiative and urged students to look for ways to gain extra money from what they have learnt.

“Disposable income is limited so if your parents give you money, you have to work out on other projects so you could get enough money to support yourself and have a sound mind while studying,” they added.


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