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On the 30th of September 2015, I had to embark on an hour?s journey from Akim Oda where I was to Asamankese all in the Eastern Region of Ghana to do some transactions. I need to hurry up with the traveling because I had lectures to attend later in the day.

Ghana Flag
Ghana Flag
From my place in Akim Oda to the lorry station will cause me Gh? 4.00, thus if I want to avoid walking under the hot sun which I hate doing; the sun will keep looking at my pretty face as if I bought tomatoes from it and haven?t paid for two good weeks.

Unfortunately for me too the sun woke up very early that day for its usual rounds.
Before I even start the journey, I was already tired and feeling sick, everybody in my country get tired and at times sick, any time they are to travel by road.

I got to the station and manage to get the last ticket for the trotro bus which has been waiting for me with it passengers except one and it seems I was the one they were all waiting for. After I got my ticket and was shown the trotro bus that will be providing me with the service of getting me to Asamankese, and as I walked towards it, I was greeted with a hard knock on the forehead by the back bonnet which was opened upwards for being late.

Nobody bothered with a ?oh! Gentleman, sorry okay?, that would have relieved my pain a little bit. But since nobody cared, I also pretended it wasn?t me that got the knock on the head. The atmosphere in the bus made it clear that they have waited too long for me and for my punishment again, I was given the mate?s seat, and no mate means an extra passenger and extra money for the driver.

I never noticed I was sitting in an old and tired vehicle which should not have been allowed to transport human beings until we started the journey. The bus looked nice on the outside but very bad inwards. Well, we the passengers had nothing to say or do except to boggle up in the old bus and face the bad road ahead.

We set off quietly except for the bus which was making groans here and there to submit his later of retirement which the driver would not consider this year, not even sure it will be taken off the road for a couple of years to come. We got to our first check point and the MTTU personals were there, luckily we were not delayed because the driver happen to have a Gh? 1.00 note which was enough to buy us a quick pass without any delay.

Pretending they were inspecting the drivers license, the man in white top uniform and a black trouser balanced the note soo perfectly that if you don?t know them, you wouldn?t know what was going on. The transaction between the driver and the MTTU officer angered the almost all the passengers except myself, the driver and other two passengers who were in front with the driver, it was the first time anybody spoke since we started the journey. I concluded they need more education on issues concerning our current system.

We continue our journey and after few minutes, my angry fellow passengers settled down and there was quietness once again in the bus. We got to the barrier between Akim Oda and Akroso, the town before Asamankese and this time it was not the MTTU on duty but another department of the Police. They were quiet armed and I guessed if we were to pass easily as we did, it may require more than just Gh? 1.00 and I was right.

The driver attempted paying our way through again with one red note but was only asked to pack well. To my surprise, the same passengers who were angry at the MTTU for accepting one red note and allowing us to pass without doing their job began to express their discomfort with the police at the barrier. Before the bus could even stop we were surrounded by policemen, we were asked to step down the bus one after the other for our bags and the bus to be searched, and I was the first to step out and the first to be searched.

I don?t know what they were looking for, but even after they asked me and I said I was a student didn?t minimized the search conducted on me. It was then that I got to know that all the passengers were men except three who were females and all the men were carrying bags including myself.

We were all searched except the driver, the women and the two passengers in front.
Some were not happy with the search and attempted dragging words with the police but at the end they submitted to the authorities of the day. After the police were satisfy, they granted us pass without taking anything.

As we once again get on with the journey, the angry passengers started pouring out their anger, every one of them with their version of why we shouldn?t have been delayed by the police. I listen with interest, and I wondered how hard it will be to please Ghanaian’s.

So as for we the people of Ghana, we have a problem when the authorities are not doing their job and when there are doing their job too we are offended in one way or the other.

Source : Joseph Yaw Mawunyo

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