The Scarcity Of Common Sense


map of Ghana

map of Ghana

If you are not aware of the state of affairs in Ghana or have bought into the gobbledygook  propaganda being paraded by the few ?chopping down? the little money the economy is hanging on, let me take you down a short route of truth.

As at now, Ghana has no electricity and with this, I mean certain urban places go for 5 days without power. Small businesses such as Cold Stores which fully depend on electricity have been forced to close down.

Don?t tell me the business should get a generator because the Government has unconscionably increased fuel prices in the midst of the power crisis.

Secondly, despite the many water bodies we have in Ghana, living in Accra as at now is far worse than living on the Sahara desert. My auntie has to buy several ?unclean barrels? of water each week to keep the household going.

And if you think the above is outrageous, I bet you have not heard of the unavailability of gas and the galloping inflation which has set in on basic commodities. Even gari has doubled in price and you know what that means-students are as hungry as hell.

If it was only the above problems, I would have said; Ghana is in difficulties which would soon be solved.

Every country has its own dark days since NO where is ?cool?. However, things in Ghana have become greater than mere difficulty as the basis of thinking and problem solving techniques-COMMON SENSE is lacking.

In the face of the above problems, the Government of Ghana is paying to fly 200 Ghanaians from the Christian Community on a pilgrimage to Israel.

The purpose of this waste of time and money pilgrimage to Israel is for these Christians to go and pray for God to attend to the country which is falling deep into the crisis pit?REALLY?

Must a nation struggling to provide water, electricity, healthcare and education for its citizens throw into the forest the little coins it has at its disposal?

Where lies the common sense of those paddling the Ghanaian canoe? Why would it not sink?

The pilgrimage will come on, tax payers? money is going to be thrown into the air as the colonial mindset and dense Biblical teachings which sort to place Israel on some Holiness pedestal have led to the suspension of the thinking faculty of many Ghanaians.

Is it not pathetic that in this 21st century, a whole country full of intellects still believes you must travel to Israel for God to hear your prayers? That is even if God ever listens to any prayers?

I am sure your blood is boiling in your body by now. This is how insane some Ghanaians have come.

Some few Christians have been through to themselves and have rejected the Government?s invitation to go on paid for pilgrimage to Israel.

Apostle Yaw Yirenkyi of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, the National Catholic Secretariat, the Christian Council of Ghana, chaired by Rev Prof. Emmanuel Asante and the National Association of Charismatic Churches (NACC)-headed by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams have all rejected the invitation from the government.

They?ve rejected the invitation on the basis that Ghana is currently bedevilled with numerous socio-economic crisis including agitations for pay increases by workers such as doctors, pressures on the country?s finances, erratic supply of utilities, among others. Therefore such expensive trip for 200 Christians will not be in the interest of the country.

If you know Africans well, you should know that, one man?s poison is another man?s meat.  Other Christians are surely going to Israel to pray for God to come and build us an electricity dam overnight and send down Prophet Elijah to come and supply us with water.

Where is our common sense as people??In our bellies!

Whenever you say a prayer, better say one for Ghana and do not ask God for anything more than common sense?

It is being reported that in 2012, then President Evans Atta Mills reportedly sent scores of pastors to Jerusalem ostensibly to pray for him as his health condition deteriorated rapidly. The pastors, in the first trip, were allegedly given a whopping $10,000 each as per diem. This amount is said to exclude their transportation fares and hotel bills.

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