There is too much political interference in law enforcement


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The recent bloodletting which visited Tamale and the subtle restriction placed on the law enforcement agents from doing their work is a useful chapter in political interference in law enforcement.

By restriction, we are referring to the orders to release suspects after their capture by the police.

One important lesson of history is that we do not learn from it: we continue to commit blunders as if there was nothing to learn from previous gaffes, and politicians are the worst culprits.

While it is interesting and heartwarming observation that reinforcements were sent to Tamale from as far afield as Sunyani and even Accra, we are saddened by the near impossibility by the law enforcement agents to discharge their duties devoid of interference from upstairs, as it were.

The law enforcement agents deployed to restore normalcy and to bring to book those behind the breach of law and order, we have learnt, made arrests. Regrettably, the brakes have been pulled on their efforts even as they work under very challenging circumstances seeking to stop AK 47 wielding youth.

When such orders are received, they dampen the spirits of the poor cops and make us wonder what those behind such directives want to make of the country.

It is inappropriate and even reckless when unruly youth develop the confidence that they are above the law and can count on the support of politicians at the helm for their freedom even when they are arrested over murder and arson.

This is dangerous! We cannot build a decent nation on such flimsy and parochial grounds.

Sadly, elites hailing from this part of the country are behind the dangerous interference in the work of law enforcement agents in a region considered indisputably a flashpoint.

Those who block the law enforcement agents from doing their work do not mean their part of the country any good by such unpatriotic actions. They could have as well ordered that the reinforcements were not dispatched to Tamale so hell could break loose.

We are quick to query the law enforcement agents when they exhibit their human frailties like others in society, yet we turn our attention from such glaring interference in their work by selfish and wicked politicians.

We condemn in no uncertain terms the orders given to the police to release those behind the murder and subsequent acts of arson committed in Tamale. Such persons should be ashamed of themselves, whoever they may be.

It is amazing that such persons, some of who live in Accra, use these poor youth to prosecute their bloody agenda?all in the name of politics?even as they pretend not to be part of such actions. This is shameful and crazy!

Posterity will definitely deal harshly with such characters even as they conceal themselves in their cocoons.

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