This is the biggest diss to ever go down between Present Actors’ Guild of Nigeria’s President, Ibinabor Fiberesima and her frenemy, Clarion Chukwura.clarion

That’s because Ibinabo has won for the second time, the Presidential election of the Guild.

She was sworn in Thursday October 16th.

Dont’t forget that Clarion Chukwura and Ibinabor had a dirty fight over AGN leadership.

Chukwura accused Ibinabor of incompetency, quickly pointing out her past criminal records, how she went to jail for killing a man as a result of drunk driving and all.

Later on, Chukwura voiced out her intention to run for Ibinabor’s post which clearly explained the ‘why’ of her bitterness.

But now that Ibinabor has won for the second time, may we make out few seconds to console Chukwura for the painful loss.


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