This Lady Is Not For Turning… But The Man Is


In his recent piece on Dr NOI’s book, Fighting Corruption is Dangerous, Dr Omolade Adenubi confirms that he is an intellectual lightweight hiding behind a professorial title and the name of a great institution. Why someone supposedly working in a well-known institution would engage in what is typically known as a “hatchet piece” is beyond comprehension and best left to people’s imagination. The piece is scarcely worth commenting on except that it impugns the character and reputation of a great lady old enough to be his grandmother Prof Kamene Okonjo.

Essentially, in the piece titled “The Lady is not for turning” Adenubi who identifies himself as a professor at the University of Michigan calls Prof Kamene Okonjo a liar, all but in name, since he claims her story of being kidnapped by people who told her they had taken her because her daughter the finance minister did not pay oil marketers is false. Prof Adenubi, without any proof, writes that it was just one of a regular series of ongoing kidnappings at the time.

The ivory towered Prof Adenubi must be a coward because he lacks the courage to directly interview Prof Kamene Okonjo a Boston University PhD, retired professor of Sociology from the Universities of Nigeria Nsukka, and Enugu State University, who at 88 years old is still alive and could tell him the truth.

Adenubi’s resort to such low tactics in his desperate and doomed effort to discredit NOI’s book is fatal to his personal and professional credibility.

It is clear that he is one of the pseudo-intellectuals for hire who, from their comfortable perches abroad, specialise in throwing stones at those who have actually taken the brave step of coming home to serve.

The other fact-challenged claims made by Adenubi about the book all serve to reinforce the overall impression that his piece is a sponsored one and he is nothing but a hired hand for those corrupt people described in NOI’s book.

It is sad that rather than engage the serious issues and events detailed in NOI’s book, Adenubi opted to take the low road. It is his type, who are misusing their education and position to mislead people, ensure that Nigeria never moves forward.

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