The World Bank has approved two loans totaling 130 million U.S. dollars that will go towards allowing adolescent girls from extremely poor households in Zambia to access education as well as improve access to sanitation services, a statement said on Wednesday.

World Bank
World Bank

The bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved a 65-million- dollar loan for the Girls Education and Women’s Empowerment and Livelihood Project, which is designed to support the Zambian government increase access to livelihood support for women and access to secondary education for disadvantaged adolescent girls.
“The main beneficiaries of the project will be about 75,000 women aged 19 to 64 years old who are for work, and about 14,000 adolescent girls aged 14 to 18 years old living in extremely poor households in rural areas,” the statement released by the World Bank office in Zambia said.
World Bank Country Director for Zambia Kundhavi Kadiresan said the bank’s desire is to ensure that more adolescent girls complete their secondary education and that more women engage in economically productive activities as they were critical steps to reducing poverty in rural areas.
Meanwhile, the World Bank also approved another 65 million dollars loan to improve access to sanitation services in Lusaka, the country’s capital.
The loan, to be channeled towards the Lusaka Sanitation Program is meant to provide 100 percent sanitation coverage for the Zambian capital by 2035. It is being supported by four development partners, including the World Bank, the statement said.
The project involves upgrading and expanding sewerage systems in selected suburbs as well as provision of sewerage facilities in some areas of the city that are not connected to the sewerage system.
“Development of good sanitation system and coverage is essential for Zambia in order to improve the quality of life in line with the country’s aspiration to be a middle-income country by 2030,” the World Bank representative said.
The project is expected to be implemented over a period of five years, closing in December 2020. Enditem



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