Adom FM Vim Lady and the Asante Mampong citizens Advised

Open Letter to Afua Pokuah a.k.a Vim Lady of Adom FM and Asante Mampong Citizens


Dear Ms Afua Pokuah and Mampong Citizens,


Shall this open letter come to find all of you in good health especially, Vim Lady, the presently seemingly bravest and greatest of all Ghanaian news and radio presenters? Amen!

Occasionally tuning in to Adom FM online radio to listen to your programmes, I was moved to tears when you announced the most unfortunate incident ever to happen to a human being in Ghana under the present lamentable economic situation of the country. Come and see a tall old man dabbing at my eyes with a tissue, overwhelmed with grief.

You informed the Ghanaian public and the whole world of the accidental burning to death of a family of seven in Asante Mampong while they were asleep.

The circumstances of their death, how the lethal fire got started, whether it was electrical fault or an intentionally criminally motivated act by an outsider or whatever, must be left to the nation’s emergency services (the fire service and the police) to investigate.

For a woman to lose her mother whose body is currently understood to be in the morgue, and going to notify other family members about the mum’s death is in itself a cause for sorrow. However, to be informed while on her trip that her husband, four children, sister and brother-in-law she had just left behind have been killed in fire incident is extremely heartrending.

To deal with a single funeral in Ghana in this present day of financial constraints abounding everywhere is not easy let alone, dealing with multiple funerals as it is the case with our dear Mampong sister, wife and mother whom I heard cry on the radio yesterday, Friday 3rd June 2016.

Following this saddest announcement, what can we do as Ghanaians and rational human beings with feelings of being one another’s keeper, to help this poor woman and family in this most difficult and overwhelmingly sad time in her family’s life?

I shall suggest to you, Ms Afua Pokuah, for the trust people have reposed in you, for maintaining neutrality in the presentation of your programmes, but being bold and truthful, to initiate a public fundraising to assist the funerals of the deceased persons.

Once you announce any such initiative, please let the details be known in the media (on air and in the news print) for well-wishers to contribute their donations. This is the best way to show our sympathy for the woman who has presumably lost all hope in the world.

Mampong subjects and citizens all over the world, please be touched by the incident that has befallen your own Mampong fellow to join hands with Vim Lady to make this suggested fundraising a success.

I promise to be among the first persons to donate into any such coffers should you organise it as hereby suggested.

I look forward to hearing on air or reading from the internet or newspapers that Ms Afua Pokuah and, or Mampong subjects have taken on board my honest suggestion.

Yours Sincerely,

Rockson Adofo

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