Subliminal is a term that came from two Latin words: sub that means under and limen that means threshold. With a subliminal message, an idea is conveyed precisely to the subconscious mind; a state just under the threshold for consciousness and awareness. ?Our subconscious mind is a part of the brain that stores everything we learn and experience. It retains all things we have gathered; but does not screen or filter the information. ?It simply accepts all without segregating the good from bad. Our mind offers answers according to the information stored or programmed in it. ?Habits that we have are also molded according to the way our mind has been programmed. Subliminal messages aim at reinforcing the stored information in our mind.In our modern world, subliminal messages are tools that are commonly underrated and misunderstood when it comes to enhancing one’s performance. ?The method of subliminal programming delivers the pre-arranged thoughts, messages or ideas to your mind. With this method, stored and existing information in the subconscious are also reinforced. It helps increase the selective attention of an individual.?One may wonder why it is necessary to use subliminal messaging. ?It is important to know that we may be using our conscious mind in performing daily tasks and routines; but if this conscious awareness is coupled with subconscious thinking, you could have the needed key to succeed in life. ?Many people wrongly believe that their lives are ruled and determined by outside factors such as environment, luck or fate. ?With subliminal programming, you can rule out this common belief and work on your success and happiness even if your fates seem to dictate imminent failure. ?The life you have today is actually made up of the thoughts, beliefs; behaviors are attitudes that reside deep in your mind. ?The outside factors do not prevent or limit you from attaining your goals in life, but your misleading beliefs. ?Through subliminal messages implanted in our minds, negative thoughts are removed along with other unhelpful habits and behaviors. ?Positive suggestions are aimed at affecting the conscious mind in order to achieve a person’s full potentials. ?With subliminal programming, the subconscious mind is accessed to erase all negative thoughts and ideas that we have gathered from media advertising, from unsupportive relatives and nemesis. These negative ideas are causing us to feel scared, doubtful and uncertain in life. Such fears and hesitation prevents us from reaching our maximum capabilities. ?Subliminal messages have the purpose of altering bad habits that are embedded deep within the subconscious mind.?Subliminal messages work and this claim is supported by extensive studies held to study the effectiveness of subliminal programming. ?Based on the research, there are no less than three ways that subliminal programming takes effect. ?First, subliminal messages activate and enliven positive wishes. Second, these positive thoughts impart and leave in your brain fresh and useful information in the subconscious. ?Third, but certainly not the last, subliminal messages increase your unconscious awareness. These messages do not deliver a new set of attitude that contradicts the actual motives of your subconscious mind. ?What they do is trigger the motives already present in the subconscious via positive reinforcements.?

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