Mauritius set to kill thousands of bats

The Government of Mauritius has decided to kill thousands of bats in the coming weeks.


The decision came after complains from fruits growers that these mammals threatened their harvest.


Agriculture Minister in Mauritius, Mahen Seeruttun tabled a report last week in Parliament claiming that Mauritius could be hosting some 100,000 bats and that it was incumbent that there should be a 20 percent decrease in their population.

According to him, the protection nets cannot sustain the destruction of fruits by these mammals.

Colonies of bats named Pteropus Niger attack fruit and crops in the orchards of the island. In 2014, 73 percent of production and 42 percent of litchis and mangoes were destroyed by bats.

Some NGOs have voiced out against such measure claiming that the figures of 100,000 bats is erroneous. They also stated that such killing is cruel as the period chosen to kill them is when the female bats are carrying their small ones.

Nevertheless, the government of Mauritius has given no indication of any change of decision. Police and the Special Mobile Force Unit have been given instruction to kill these mammals. Enditem

Source: Xinhua

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