OpenAI’s ChatGPT: Massive Popularity Yet Limited Daily Use


Since its launch, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has captivated the AI industry, becoming one of its fastest-growing applications ever, with an astonishing 100 million users within two months.

Despite this monumental success, widespread daily usage remains elusive.

  1. Enormous Popularity, Limited Daily Usage: ChatGPT’s rapid adoption made it a headline story in 2023, attracting billions in venture capital. However, according to, less than 10% of people use ChatGPT daily.
  2. Generational Usage Disparity: A survey by YouGov for the Reuters Institute reveals significant generational differences in ChatGPT usage. Among Gen Z, 44% have never used ChatGPT, while only 9% use it daily. Millennials show similar trends, with 58% having never used it and only 6% using it daily.
  3. Impact on OpenAI: Despite usage statistics, ChatGPT’s popularity helped OpenAI secure over $14 billion in funding, making it the most funded AI startup globally. This positions OpenAI as the third most valuable unicorn company worldwide.

While ChatGPT has reshaped AI discourse and garnered immense interest, its actual daily use remains a niche activity, contrasting sharply with its widespread recognition and financial success for OpenAI.

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