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ZTE achieved single carrier 400G wavelength


ZTE Corporation, a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment, network solutions and mobile devices, has achieved single carrier 400G wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) signal transmission over 3000km, traversing 10 reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (ROADMs) with an improved frequency spectrum of 4b/s/Hz (bits per second per hertz).
The transmission, carried out using patented Nyquist filtering technology, fulfills ZTE?s objective for future 400G and high-speed optical transmission – single-carrier per channel and single receiver transmission – for which ROADM is a necessary feature.


During single-carrier transmission, the speed gradually degrades as it traverses multiple ROADM components, due to the filtering effects of higher bandwidths. ZTE solved this issue by carrying out tests which proved the feasibility of single-carrier 400G deployment in an all-optical network with long-distance fibre transmission. The result of these experiments was released at ECOC, the largest European optical communications event, in September this year.

ZTE has committed significant R&D resources to ultra-100G technologies such as 100G and 400G/1T, and has achieved several key innovations in the field. In March 2011, ZTE became the first equipment manufacturer to achieve single-channel 11.2Tbit/s optical signal transmission over 640km in standard single-mode fibres, breaking the previous world record for single-channel transmission rate of 1Tb/s. ZTE also accomplished 24Tb/s (terra bytes per second) WDM signal transmission in the same year, the world’s first WDM system to achieve in Tb/s transmission. In February 2012, ZTE and Deutsche Telekom successfully completed a 2450km on-site ultra-long-distance hybrid transmission of 100G/400G/1T signals in Germany, setting a distance record for high-speed signal hybrid transmission.

In October 2013, ZTE, together with China Telecom, completed a T-bit ultra-long-distance optical transmission real-time experiment, achieving the world record for real-time transmission over 3200km. In March 2014, ZTE became the first manufacturer to implement single-carrier 400G ultra-long-distance transmission globally.

ZTE has successfully deployed commercial and trial networks in 100G and ultra-100G with mainstream operators in West Europe, East Europe, Asia-Pacific, and China and has become a leading global innovator in the development of high-speed optical communication technology.


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